About Us

In the spring of 2021, a coalition of organizations including land trusts, trails advocates, Virginia Indian Tribes and urban conservation groups formed to advocate for dedicated funding for natural resources in Virginia. Under the umbrella “Our Virginia Outdoors,” the coalition is focused on promoting a proposed package of programs that need increased and new funding.


Q: Why does VA need dedicated funding?

A: There is increasing demand from communities all across Virginia for land protection, public access to trails and other outdoor recreation opportunities. A dedicated fund in the State budget would sustain Virginia’s conservation programs, which are chronically underfunded. This new funding source would also enable critical new initiatives to provide underserved communities with more access to parks and open space—progress that is essential for Virginia to advance toward environmental justice.


Q: How does Virginia conservation funding compare to other states?

A: According to the Census Bureau, Virginia ranks near the bottom when compared to other states’ spending on natural resources. The average state spends about double the amount as a percent of their state resources versus Virginia’s spending on natural resources. When compared to our surrounding states of North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and particularly Maryland, Virginia spends considerably less on natural resources.


Q: How can I help ensure our leaders create dedicate funding for conservation?

A: A coalition of over 30 organizations has come together to advocate for dedicated funding for a package of new and existing programs. We’ll be rolling out opportunities for advocacy over 2022, so sign up and stay informed!

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